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3D Printed Jewelry Service

3D Printed Jewelry Service

Looking for 3d printed jewelry service? 3D printed jewelry sounded like an idea in the past. But that is in the past. Now we are proud to tell you that you can print anything in Meijing Jewelry. Just join the revolution!

Our Story of 3D Printed Jewelry

I [ Designer Ting Ye ] still remember the first time I heard about 3D printing in 2006. It was a jewelry magazine and it blew my mind. 3D Printing will change economics of making jewelry industry. It is a magic. You can change the design quickly and create complicated shapes that would be otherwise impossible.

Dan Li [ the owner of Meijing Jewelry ] “As 3D printing is on the verge of becoming mainstream. We believe that 3D Printing is a new world of jewelry making. So we decided to develop our own 3D metal printer.”

Now we have the world’s leading 3D metal printer. Meijing 3D printed jewelry service is very welcome for collaboration projects.

Custom Your Own 3D Printed Jewelry

You just need to prepare stl 3D file. Once the 3D file is generated, the printer can use this information to print a real physical object. If you don’t have a stl file, we can design one for you. So just let us know your idea. We can turn it into reality.

3d Printed Designs

3d printed jewelry service3d printed jewelry service
3d printed jewelry service3d printed jewelry service


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